The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.
— Ferdinand Foch

Jade Thompson is a Los Angeles based Local 705 costumer and independent costume designer. Originally from Oklahoma, Jade attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising on scholarship and graduation Magna Cum Laude with an Associate of Arts degree in fashion design.

After graduation Jade worked for multiple fashion companies while designing independent film projects. In fall of 2013 Jade was hired full-time as an assistant designer for menswear company Ace Rivington working on design development and communicating with vendors in the U.S. and overseas.

Jade left Ace Rivington in the fall of 2014 to work on’s new fashion brand Fashionology at his Hollywood studio doing design development including creating technical flats, pattern drafting and sewing sample garments.  Additional projects included creating costumes for 2015 NBA playoff commercial starring Black Eyed Peas and Pitch Perfect 2 cast.  Following Fashionology, Jade left her career in fashion to pursue her passion in film & television.

Jade worked on numerous independent projects designing and costuming including a Comedy Central web series and Future World, a post apocalyptic feature film directed by James Franco & Bruce Cheung starring Milla Jovovich, Method Man, Lucy Liu, Suki Waterhouse and Snoop Dogg.

In addition to independent films Jade worked as a production assistant on shows such as How to Get Away with Murder and Bill Hader's HBO comedy, Barry.

Following her induction into Local 705 Jade has worked on a number of ABC shows.  Her preferencial skills as a costumer include shopping, set and aging & dying.

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Photo by Sela Shiloni

Photo by Sela Shiloni

You heard it here first: Jade Thompson is a rare talent coming up in the fashion world. Not only is she extraordinarily gifted in design and illustration, she has a uniquely exciting and aspirational point of view and all the skills and intelligence to execute it. She delivered with incomparable artistry and dependability. Her work ethic and collaborative spirit are second to none. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Whatever your expectations, she will exceed them - excitedly so.
— Moreen Littrell: Founder of DemiLoca Productions, Director of MEET THE ZILLAS